Unique Table Bases for Glass Table

In recent decade table is not only focused on its functional side but also its looks. One of the look that have been catching everyone attention is the idea of unique table bases.

Glass table surface is offering more than solid and luxurious-looking table, it also make you able to see the table base underneath. This fact then make a new opportunity to enhance table’s look. It’s not only focused on the surface but also can be modified under.

Here some unique table bases if you want to have an extraordinary glass table.

  • Round wood base

This base suitable for round glass dining table. The shape is good for having discussion or just gathering with friends around it.

  • Cube wood base

This awesome looking cubicle is also an interesting option. The shape is considered modern while the wood’s texture will give a traditional hint. This will suit if you want to style your room in eclectic way.

  • Custom metal or bronze base

If you want a more modern-styled base then consider some unique custom metal or bronze bases. Unlike ordinary table base, these custom bases are come with a lot of aesthetic design and sometimes even a figure or sculpture.

Here some simple ideas of unique table bases to boost your glass table’s look.

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