Types of Writing Desk Chair for Different Job

Having a writing desk on your office means you also have to own a writing desk chair to make everything functional. Having both writing desk and chair is essential to support your working process and boost your productivity.

Do you know that there are types of chairs that can suit your writing desk? If not, here we compile a list of different type writing desk chair you better check out now.

  • 24 hours chairs

This ergonomic designed usually come with extra thick pad on its seat and back, and frame with high durability. This type of seat usually suit for job like call center which need to be ready anytime.

  • Computer chairs

This chair is specially designed for computer use. This design usually came up with comfortable angle and bases, and also a rolling caster to smoothen the movement.

  • Conference chairs

This chairs designed with lean to forward shape to help people engaged more in the meeting. It also come handy to use while writing report and soon. This type of chairs usually didn’t come with complex customization because it usually used only for short period of time.

  • Big and tall chairs

This type of office chair build in extra roomy space and a very solid construction. This chair also emphasize on comfort as it designed to use in a long working hour.

That our list of writing desk chair types that will help you decide which one suit your office need.

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